Missing: Where are the black babies? The biracial push.

4fe160baa212905324ff7fc216a0c457  Let me just begin by saying, all babies are beautiful regardless of race, ethnicity or creed. As a woman who struggled to have a child, I would be remiss to show ingratitude to the universe by denigrating anyone’s child.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me introduce myself. I am a young black woman married to an educated and wonderful man. Together, we have one healthy and handsome child who is the spitting image of his father. Being proud of this fact, I constantly bombard my family every chance I get with updated photos of him and post to Instagram so said family members won’t forget. Yet I notice an odd trend, I seem to be in a small class of black women who share photos of their fully black children. There seems to be this media push for black women to celebrate their children with “otherness”, meaning children of mixed race unions or children whose racial heritage is multicultural. Granted, this is not a new trend, it is a pattern I noticed but paid little attention to, prior to having my own child. When you become a mom, however, you become more acutely aware of things that previously did not hold your interest too long, if at all.

Sometimes I go searching in my social media feed or online for other black moms with whom I can find some commonality and perhaps get fresh ideas on things like dress, hair care and development, but the pool is so small when it comes to moms of fully black children. Almost every other black mother with a blog/vlog, or with any interest in sharing her child with the world, has a child that is multiracial. I find this worrying because it opens the door to a lot of questions that make me uncomfortable and I am sure I am not alone. Are black women ashamed of their black children? Has the media’s oft racist and colorist standard of beauty extended beyond adults and is it now affecting how black women view their babies? Or are less black children being born?

Personally speaking, there is beauty in every child, but as a woman in a black union with a black child, I would personally like to see that family unit celebrated more often and by extension the offspring of such unions. I would love to know how other women are doing with the trimming of their sons tightly coiled hair, or what products are being used on their beautiful bronze skin. I would love to hear what other black moms think of sun block and how health issues like eczema and diabetes in children are dealt with by black moms as these issues can affect each race differently. Mind you, the information is there if you dig, buried deep in a few general blogs, but where are you black mamas with your beautiful black babies hiding.

Sound off below and let me know what your opinions are and where I may find some of these blogs



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  1. I think you are more likely to find pictures of how well black families are doing, or how well dressed black children and their parents are, or how malnourished they are on the web. I just did a a quick search and I saw what this blog is about. So sad.


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