Social Media: The beast we’ve invited into our home

The late 1990’s saw that rise of the social media platform which changed forever the way we shared and received information, how relationships were formed and maintained and expanded our sphere of influence. The first recognizable social media site was 6 degrees established in 1997 then followed Myspace 2003, Facebook 2004 ,Youtube 2005 ,Twitter 2006 and finally Instagram in 2010. All are distinct in their own right but they all essentially serve the same purpose of helping people connect and become informed. Social Media has helped bridge geographical and cultural gaps and helped us form and maintain long distance contact with people we love. You can’t help but marvel at this great technological feat. However there is an underside to these sites that should not go unnoticed which is slowly gnawing at our social consciousness. It allows sociopaths largely unregulated access to our families and is resocializing us, negatively influencing the way we view ourselves and our communities.glossy-social-media-icons-vector-set_659063 Continue reading